Our company

Facility Comfort is a specialized cleaning and maintenance company offering a complete range of services for the cleaning and maintenance of both residential and commercial buildings. As a strong and experienced partner we know exactly which stumbling blocks arise when cleaning or maintaining your building, and we provide the right solution.

As a customer you will find a reliable partner in Facility Comfort. By outsourcing your cleaning and maintenance services to us, you get to focus on your core business - a clear win-win situation.

At Facility Comfort our employees make the difference: they know how to tackle anything, they are flexible and love what they do. Cleaning and maintenance is their profession and it is what they are good at. We provide them with specific courses and constant training. This is how we ensure we always use the most customized and recent techniques and products, and can guarantee a tailor-made service. The result? Optimal utility of your cleaned or maintained space, so you and your employees or co-residents can work or live carefree in a clean environment.