Cleaning of windows, domes, frames, shutters and glass roofs

Natural light and a clear view to the outside world are very important and contribute to the quality and image of buildings. You can trust Facility Comfort's experienced window washers on this one.  Washing windows is an expertise which can sometimes be dangerous, especially at great heights. But that does not discourage us: with our cherry picker we can reach everything. Our window washers have the necessary experience to wash all your windows (velux windows, regular windows, sliding doors etc.) streak-free and spotless! We also give a thorough cleaning to frames, shutters and verandas. Both on the inside and the outside. We always clean the window frames and windowsills as well.

In summary we clean all your:

  • Windows and glass areas
  • Domes
  • Frames
  • Shutters
  • Gutters
  • Glass roofs